Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

Our mission is to promote business prosperity and a healthy, diverse community in greater Hillsboro by providing information, services and advocacy for our members. We believe strongly in our guiding principles and strategic objectives. Manufactures can contact Aimee Sukol  at AimeeS@hillchamber.org and for general questions about the Hillsboro Chamber please contact info@hillchamber.org. EMA member since April 6, 2017


End-to-end Electronics ODM partner for engineering, hardware, firmware, embedded and application software; prototype to production (PCBA/EMS/Box Build). We earn customer trust for superior quality, on-time delivery, and optimal cost, giving them true differentiation and a competitive edge. Being a strategic asset to OEMs, we reduce their product risk by (1) enabling a seamless hand-off from engineering to production without multiple suppliers involved (2) improving team efficiency/productivity with a single, integrated supply chain (3) protecting their IP as a US-based partner. Engage us to optimize your current designs, outsource your legacy products, accelerate your NPI, and grow cloud-centric/software services revenue. EMA member since October 1, 2018


Isolary is a development and design studio based in Portland, Oregon specializing in highly effective websites and applications. EMA member since October 5, 2016


KLINGER IGI, Inc. delivers total solutions using a wide selection of standard and specialty material options, proven manufacturing technologies and vertical integration of manufactured production and prototype parts that demand tight tolerances. Capabilities include rotary and flatbed die cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, flash / knife cutting, laminating, slitting and routing. Offering custom and industrial gaskets and seals, thermal conduction pads, EMI/RFI shields, electrical insulation, electrical conduction, thermal insulation, sound absorption and damping kits, bonding systems, acoustic insulation, and cushioning and shock absorption kits. EMA member since January 28, 2018